I can say what I want when theres no one around

It is important not to focus on a particular goal, on the contrary, a person should rely on their intuition that is influenced and driven by emotions of an individual, in a particular moment of time and space.

Intuition over ratio. If you arrange your life „alphabetically“ and if you don’t act spontaneously, then there isn’t enough space for things to happen to evolve naturally. I strongly believe that if we should stop using things, over-explaining, and by doing that – exploiting them. Instead of that, we should start looking at them more innocently. Therefore, we could understand what they really mean.

Otherwise, we are just getting lost within similar, or quite different, descriptions of different contexts that we are not emotionally able to absorb. Whenever we experience any context as a burden, it will provoke our silly over-interpretations that are killing authenticity of life.