Lukas Hoffmann in collaboration with Federico Ortegon Perez


2012, hd-video, 29 min

A sailing trip, thwarted, taking leave from then landing back at the Canary Islands, cross-referenced with a movie, ‘Dead Calm’. This be the bone structure of the film, which opens with the building of a set, or, to be precise, of a rather ad hoc ship – the ship being a dummy model of sorts. A suave voice-over narrates the breakdown of the journey – one sole voice for two points of view, of both makers of the film.

“The floating microcosmos starts functioning again” – and there’s a cut, and transposition, from hand-held camera shots on set and restless montage, to an actors’ scene, steadily shot on HD.

A sail gets ripped in a storm, and there’s the thinking, before it becomes real, of a lifeboat. The fabrication of a lifeboat, some buoy. There is dread, and calm. There’s GPS and satellite, but just as much, the relief of a port of call.